Julien Berthou


Gameplay Programmer

summary I'm a very passionate game developer with a fondness for minimalistic games.
phone 06 77 26 25 38
Address 12 avenue des Martyres de Chateaubriant 94310 Orly France


  • WIP
    Alitia is a relaxing game in which you play an eagle and explore a mysterious island. By exploring the island you are able to bring it back to life and wake up some of its previous inhabitants.
    unityvoidscapewalking simulatorlow-poly
  • June 2016
    Explore a labyrinth where geometry and space follow unfamiliar rules. Use statues spread through this maze to direct light beams and clear paths. Graduation project at Isart digital.
    unreal-enginepuzzle gamefirst person3dmood
  • March 2018
    Relaxation exeperience
  • October 2016
    A creation tool to ease the creation of Point and click adventure game, inspired by twine. Currently in Beta.
    toolgame developmentpoint & clickJavascript
  • April 2016
    A voidscape / walking simulator about blue notes. Experimentation with interactive world as a plateform for communication.
    unitywalking simulatorlow-polyproc-genmood
  • February 2018
    Complette the cube challenge then pass it on
  • November 2017
    A tool to create 3D mesh with code !
  • December 2015
    Get to the other side. Quick !
  • July 2015
    Destroy as many spaceship as you can in this fast-paced arcade shooter.
    2dtop down shooterdesktopjselectron
  • January 2017
    Procedural art and interactive prototypes using the Processing programming environement
    creative codingProceduralprocessingjavaanimationprototypes
  • January 2012
    I took part in many gamejam, including Trainjam and ZooMachine. These jam allowed me to experiment with VR and alternative controllers and to try new gameplay ideas. You can play most of these games on my website or Itchio page.


  • Game developer at KrashStudio / Kontest
    November 2015 - November 2016
    Working as the only game developer, I was responsible for the creation of 10 customizable mobile games to be integrated inside an app.
  • Web developer at Kiwapp
    October 2014 - June 2015
    Integration of various mobile app to be used on tablet terminal in shops.
  • Game developer at Toxicode
    September 2013 - July 2014
    Creation of several web based game. Research and Developement of programming learning tools.


  • September 2013 - August 2016
    Game design and programming

Personal Experience

  • Indie games event
    I travel a lot all across the world to meet friends at indie games festivals.
    GDC @ San-FransiscoScreenshake @ Antwerp Amaze @ BerlinIndiecade @ Paris


  • Web Development
    Front and Backend
  • Processing
    ProcessingCreative Coddingjavavisualartprototyping
  • Unity3D
    UnityC#VR (google cardboard)
  • UnrealEngine
  • Game Design
    Level designPrototypingplaytest


  • English
    Proeficient (Toeic written: 985/990 (2016), European level C1)
  • French
    Native speaker


  • Baseball
    8 years playing with Thiais's Tigers as a Pitcher. National 1 level. Coach for the kids team (Under 15yo and under 9yo)