Julien Berthou


Gameplay Programmer

summary I'm a very passionate game developer with a fondness for minimalistic games.
phone 06 77 26 25 38
Address 12 avenue des Martyres de Chateaubriant 94310 Orly France


  • October 2018
    Adaptation of a board game for PC, tablet and mobile phone using Unity 3D. Integration with the game's publisher online game plateform. Made at 3DDUO.
    Unity3DMultiplayerandroidIOSPC (Steam)
  • WIP
    Alitia is a relaxing game in which you play an eagle and explore a mysterious island. By exploring the island you are able to bring it back to life and wake up some of its previous inhabitants.
    unityvoidscapewalking simulatorlow-poly
  • June 2016
    Explore a labyrinth where geometry and space follow unfamiliar rules. Use statues spread through this maze to direct light beams and clear paths. Graduation project at Isart digital.
    unreal-enginepuzzle gamefirst person3dmood
  • November 2017
    A tool to create 3D mesh with code !
    JavascriptReactElectronCreative CoddingProcedural
  • April 2016
    A voidscape / walking simulator about blue notes. Experimentation with interactive world as a plateform for communication.
    unitywalking simulatorlow-polyproc-genmood
  • October 2016
    A creation tool to ease the creation of Point and click adventure game, inspired by twine. Currently in Beta.
    toolgame developmentpoint & clickJavascript
  • December 2015
    Get to the other side. Quick !
  • February 2020
  • November 2016
    Their's a golem... You're the bird...
  • July 2015
    Destroy as many spaceship as you can in this fast-paced arcade shooter.
    2dtop down shooterdesktopjselectron
  • January 2017
    Procedural art and interactive prototypes using the Processing programming environement. 3D mesh and shader creation using javascript and Mesh Playground
    creative codingProceduralprocessingjavaanimationprototypes
  • January 2012
    I love to prototypes new mechanics or system. When I'm not experimenting on my own I take part in many gamejam for instance Trainjam and ZooMachine. Most of these test are never released but you can still play a few of these on my page.


  • Game developer at 3DDUO
    2018-23-11 - 2016-31-10
    Using Unity3D, I was responsible for the development of several project for Steam, android and IOS. I alsp worked on R&D project including gameplay prototypes research and use of custom hardware device
  • Game developer at KrashStudio / Kontest
    November 2015 - November 2016
    Working as the only game developer, I was responsible for the creation of 10 customizable mobile games to be integrated inside an app.
  • Web developer at Kiwapp
    October 2014 - June 2015
    Integration of various mobile app to be used on tablet terminal in shops.
  • Game developer at Toxicode
    September 2013 - July 2014
    Creation of several web based game. Research and Developement of programming learning tools.


  • September 2013 - August 2016
    Game design and programming

Personal Experience

  • Indie games event
    I travel a lot all across the world to meet friends at indie games festivals.
    GDC @ San-FransiscoScreenshake @ Antwerp Amaze @ BerlinIndiecade @ Paris


  • Web Development
    Front and Backend
  • Processing
    ProcessingCreative Coddingjavavisualartprototyping
  • Unity3D
    UnityC#VR (google cardboard)
  • UnrealEngine
  • Game Design
    Level designPrototypingplaytest


  • English
    Proeficient (Toeic written: 985/990 (2016), European level C1)
  • French
    Native speaker


  • Baseball
    8 years playing with Thiais's Tigers as a Pitcher. National 1 level. Coach for the kids team (Under 15yo and under 9yo)