A voidscape / walking simulator about blue notes.


Alitia is a relaxing game in which you play an eagle and explore a mysterious island. By exploring the island you are able to bring it back to life and wake up some of its previous inhabitants.

Procedural art (Processing & Mesh Playground)

Procedural art and interactive prototypes using the Processing programming environement. 3D mesh and shader creation using javascript and Mesh Playground

Stay Asleep

Fly away in this cardboard VR game.

Ymen - Danger Classroom

It's hard to teach to superpowered teens !

Gabriel can Grow

This is Gabriel. Gabriel can jump. Gabriel can grow. #ludumdare34

Super Missile Controll Deluxe

Controll a missile to get yourself out of this maze.

Explorer of VoxDun

Explorer the old ruin on VoxDun but avoid the numerous traps.

Press space to close your eyes.

Relaxation exeperience

Bullets VS Zombie

You have a machine gun to fight an army of zombie. Experience in juicyness.

Cross my heart

Explore a labyrinth where geometry and space follow unfamiliar rules. Use statues spread through this maze to direct light beams and clear paths. Graduation Project.

Definitely Real Football

Play normal football against a friend. First to 3 goals wins! Made for TrainJam 2017 - a train ride from Chicago to San Francisco in roughly 52 hours.

My brain when I feel bad.

This is my brain when I feel bad. Try to cheer me up. If i let you.

Héritier Sauvage

A feline's migration to the East

Mesh Playground

A tool to create 3D mesh with code !

The Other Side

Get to the other side. Quick !


Le Cube

Complette the cube challenge then pass it on

The Bird and the Golem

Their's a golem... You're the bird...